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Vibrant Brand Journey to Launch 988 Lifeline 


Vibrant Emotional Health has been leading the way in mental health advocacy and education for over 50 years. When they set out to launch their new national suicide and crisis hotline number, “988 Lifeline”, they turned to Yes& for help. 


Vibrant’s education and advocacy shifts the focus of policy and public opinion to make mental health and wellness a social responsibility. If Vibrant was working tirelessly to advance access, dignity, and respect for all- and revolutionizing the system for good at the same time– their revised brand had to work just as hard.  


To create an integrated campaign that would grow with Vibrant’s mission and vision, we built the brand methodically across three phases. The first phase targeted mental health professionals and encouraged them to promote Vibrant as the prime service for making emotional health a reality for everyone. For the second phase, we focused on creating public awareness around Vibrant’s broad network of services and resources. And for the final phase, we educated audiences about the critical role 988 Lifeline now plays in suicide prevention, further strengthening the public’s connection between this vital service and Vibrant.

The “&”

Vibrant is well known among the health sector as a reliable, knowledgeable, and approachable resource. Knowing they were an already established and trusted name, we helped them leverage their organic channels to spread audio, visual, and written messages throughout their community, building momentum leading up to the 988 announcement along the way.

the Results

“We see the uptick in volume as an indicator that more people are aware of the service and are able to access it.”

– Kimberly Williams, President & CEO of Vibrant Emotional Health

The campaign has earned 34M paid impressions and driven 43K users to the 988 Lifeline website.






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