As a creative agency, we say “yes” to inclusion, and we benefit from the “&” that diverse points of view offer our agency and our clients.

To us, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging (DEIAB) is not just compliance; it is vital to creating the best product for our client, reflecting diverse attitudes and perspectives, and most importantly, making all who experience the work we develop feel welcome and part of the community we are creating. Here are just a few of the practices we’ve put in place as part of our company-wide DEIAB initiative:

  • Creation of an inclusive design committee that meets regularly to discuss DEI issues, policies, and actions we can implement: like our multi-step DEI viewfinder that helps us address systemic racism, body positivity, gender and age bias, accessibility, and stereotypes in the work that we produce.
  • Prioritizing accessible design at Yes& by adopting WCAG AA compliance as our company standard. Accessibility practices are also included in our content strategy, our content scoring template, and our user experience strategies.
  • Mandatory training for hiring managers on best practices for diversity and inclusion in hiring and management, along with a structured hiring process aimed to reduce unconscious bias and increase the diversity of our talent pipeline.
  • A social action committee of employees who—among other efforts—conducted a complete review of our policies and recruiting strategies to remove bias. Through this committee, we offer all employees up to eight hours per month of paid time for social activism.
  • Inclusive policies and cultural norms around remote work to ensure all remote employees, including those with disabilities, are able to contribute and feel included.
  • Company-wide unconscious bias training course and discussion series.