Fish VAI

Evolve to Expand: A Reimagined Brand to Power Up an Industry


Helicopter Association International (HAI) recognized that the vertical aviation industry has a more expansive future ahead of it, beyond (but inclusive of) pilot-manned helicopters. The 75-year-old trade association needed a new brand that energized the industry around their leadership – using that momentum to acquire new members in vertical aviation while re-engaging the existing helicopter industry.


For decades, helicopters were the solution to taking off and landing vertically, without a runway. Into the future, “up” can mean much more. Up means flight. Up means innovation. Up means growth. Up means optimism. Up means exploration. Up means sustainability. Up means openness. Up means progress. Up means agility. Up means freedom. Up means access. Up means possibility.


We developed a new brand strategy, name, logo, visual identity, and tagline: Vertical Aviation International: Powering Up. It’s rooted in a revamped mission: to fuel the growth and upward trajectory of the entire industry through connection, education, safety, and advocacy – so that communities around the world are strengthened by the power of UP (vertical flight). We established an evolved brand personality – the trailblazing team leader – with brand values of Trust, Passion, Service, Innovation, Inclusion, and Safety that laid the foundation for a new visual identity which emphasizes the forward and upward energy of vertical lift.

The ‘&’

Their tentpole member benefit and annual industry convention – HAI HELI-EXPO – also needed a refresh. We saw this as another opportunity to push the envelope, creating a truly memorable and distinctive annual convention brand that a trailblazing team leader like VAI would host. Enter: VERTICON, powered by VAI.  

the Results

The new brand was announced at their annual expo on February 26, 2024, and has been met with resounding
positivity from the industry—generating increased excitement and significant pre-registration activity for the inaugural VERTICON in in 2025.