Fish Stamford Health

Community health means looking after your neighbors


Yes& has provided communications strategy, public relations, marketing, fundraising, and internal communications support to Stamford Health executives since 2003. When the health care provider’s service area was hit hard by the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, it mobilized Yes& to collaborate on intensive messaging to employees, physicians, and the public.

When vaccines became available in 2021, we continued partnering with Stamford Health as it assumed a leadership role in vaccinating its community.


Public health only works when every individual has access, no matter what their socio-economic status. With deep roots in its community, Stamford was uniquely positioned to be a trusted source of medical information and treatment for  underserved residents. Yes& provided simple, direct messaging in five languages and bold graphics that helped Stamford Health and its community partners reach and inform eligible people with accurate, easy-to-understand information.


Many of the communications for Stamford had to be developed, designed, translated, approved, and printed within 24 to 48 hours as details evolved, additional vaccination sites were established, and more residents became eligible. Yes& also developed a series of fact sheets for partners in the Vita Health & Wellness District to use in answering residents’ concerns. As vaccines became more available and eligibility broadened, Yes& designed and delivered a series of infographics for social media and online use. One infographic was later recognized with Gold and Bronze 2021 Healthcare Advertising Awards.

The “&”

Recognizing that relatively few of the target population would have access to online platforms, Yes& designed a series of y flyers and posters that could be easily produced and distributed directly by the community-based organizations in the Vita collaborative, along with the City of Stamford government, operators of healthcare and senior care facilities, health clinics, and physician offices.

the Results

The materials we created are still in use today, and it’s been incredibly gratifying to play a part in the success of the overall vaccination efforts. By March 2021, the Stamford region had among the highest vaccination rates in one of the most-vaccinated states. Stamford Health has now vaccinated more than 82,000 people, helping Connecticut achieve the fourth-highest ranking in the nation for percentage of fully vaccinated residents.