New relevance for a 117-year old organization


The International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) was the leading public sector human resource organization in the world. In 2022, with workplace in upheaval and the HR profession at an inflection point, IPMA-HR knew it had to evolve its century-old brand to stay relevant.   It chose Yes& as its Agency of Record for this unprecedented—and urgent—work.


HR professionals are not just “the personnel people” anymore: they’re taking a more prominent role in stewarding their organizations. And in the wake of the Great Resignation, they’ve become essential in connecting with current and prospective employees questing for more  purpose-driven work.


We identified impact and purpose as two of the key focus areas in the brand evolution, and used this as a springboard to develop a new vision: making public sector work better.

Equally important, we recommended replacing the organization’s long and nebulous acronym with a shorter, more memorable name:  The Public Sector Human Resources Association (PSHRA, pronounced PASH-rah).  The name change brought with it a renewed sense of clarity and connection.

The “&”

The anthem video we created represented a big departure for the organization. Rather than focus on the organization or its members, the video celebrated the public sector workers who keep neighborhoods moving forward. This impact story reflected the heart of the brand, and captured the imagination of the client.


the Results

PSHRA formally launched in January 2023, with the new brand and name receiving unilateral support amongst chapter leaders, members, and stakeholders. The PSHRA national membership outperformed 2022 numbers by climbing to 8,500 at year-end and web traffic nearly doubled compared to the previous year. Additionally, unaudited financial results indicate that 2023 operating revenues exceeded operating expenses for the first time in ten years. Member engagement skyrocketed, which can be attributed to PSHRA’s rebranded webinars and new professional development courses and marketing materials designed by Yes&. Yes& is now developing a full range of collateral materials, an all-new optimized website, and digital campaigns promoting membership and certification.


User Increase in First-Time Website Visitors


Attendees Sold Out the 2023 Annual Conference


National Members in 2023