Finding the power in integrated collaboration 


The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) has been a force in transforming the field of corporate governance — from promoting more diverse and inclusive boardrooms to driving environmental, social, and governance standards. To better serve their 22,000+ member community, NACD needed to evolve their brand.


Professional societies like NACD have myriad marketing and communications needs. Internal teams are often taxed with transactional functions and may not have the bandwidth to take a more holistic approach. But hiring multiple agencies to handle a specific need would place an even greater burden on an overwhelmed staff. They needed a thought leader, and a strategic partner. 


Our robust research phase included workshops and surveys, and yielded tremendous new insight into the brand and industry as a whole. Using those insights, we evolved their brand strategy and modernized their visual identity, which included a new logo, typography, iconography, and other elements to help NACD and its affiliates unify under a singular “branded house.” We launched a successful multichannel re-brand campaign, received generously by both NACD members and stakeholders. The result: increased membership for NACD, and a broader collaboration for Yes&. 

The “&”

We delivered a seamless brand rollout, receiving unilaterally positive feedback from members, chapters, and key stakeholders. We then launched the brand to a wider audience through an integrated, cross-platform launch campaign that yielded 8.5m impressions, and a CTR on LinkedIn (our primary platform) of 2.41%, bringing in new members to NACD and educating existing audiences of the new brand and positioning.

the Results

Our ability to fulfill virtually any communications need, contribute best practices gleaned from our deep experience with associations, and offer a high level of strategic guidance led NACD to name Yes& its Agency of Record. Today Yes& is partnering with NACD on marketing, public relations, and paid media strategy and execution as part of a unified and integrated partnership. 

8.5+ million

Cross-Platform Campaign Impressions


Click-Through Rate (CTR) via LinkedIn to Bring in New Members