Fish Daytona State College

Authentic Inclusivity Gets Personal


For more than 60 years, Daytona State College has fueled social mobility through college credit, adult education, and vocational training. But its website wasn’t reinforcing the story. Yes& was proud to help this leader in accessible and affordable academic programs articulate how it helps so many “find your path.”


Representation matters—and used authentically, it can also be a powerful tool in recruitment. DSC’s website needed to emphatically embrace and reflect the diversity of its student body.


The revitalized DSC website takes a student-centric approach. By featuring a wide array of students and highlighting the individual pathways that students take to reach their specific goal, the new website affirms there’s a program for  everyone on any pathway. Comprehensive research—stakeholder interviews, analytics, heat-mapping, user tests—helped us create a user experience that reinforces this core value: we cleared away clutter and made it easy for users to quickly get the information they need.

The “&”

We made personal stories more meaningful with personal touches, animating the actual signatures of students and showcasing these alongside intensely closeup headshots.

the Results

The website was launched in just 11 months with open communication throughout the front-end and back-end development phases. We reduced the original bounce rate by 50%  and increased the average page time by one minute. And we provided complete  documentation and training—creating capacity within DSC to keep the site on brand for years to come.


Reduced Original Bounce Rate

<1 minute

Increased Average Page On Time