Fish CGI Federal

Raising a corporate profile for niche/targeted decision makers and influencer audiences.


CGI Federal is one of the most successful contractors in a highly competitive government space—winning more than $1B of federal business each year. But it struggled with overall brand awareness. CGI Federal needed to raise its profile strategically, and reach  decision makers on particular opportunities without incurring the costs of a mass-market campaign. Turnaround time for each campaign would be extraordinarily short. It’s exactly the kind of challenge that Yes& thrives on.


Amid a sea of indistinguishable advertising aimed at government buyers, CGI Federal stood out by aligning itself with the mission-driven ethos of federal decision-makers, and using imagery and messaging that rang true.


In addition to geofenced digital campaigns, Yes& recommended and implemented out-of-home placements, including bus kings (wraps), subway digital displays, airport digital displays, billboards, and gas station ads in locations that included Washington, DC, Arlington, VA, New Orleans, LA, Sterling, VA, Huntsville, AL, Merritt Island, FL, and Houston, TX.

To date Yes& has developed campaigns based around specific opportunities at the State Department, Department of the Interior, NASA, and EPA. Also underway: two brand videos to dramatize and drive home CGI Federal’s sense of mission.

The ‘&’

Yes& campaigns are highly efficient, marrying innovative creative with a savvy mix of geo-targeted and selected out-of-home placements. It was a big step for CGI Federal—and it worked.

the Results

The first campaigns have accumulated millions of out-of-home impressions despite being restricted to relatively few subway stations, airport locations, and bus routes. Mobile geofencing ads achieved a click-through rate (CTR) of .48%—far above the benchmark .10-.20% for this kind of media.


Click Through Rate (CTR)