Setting the tone for an entire industry 


The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) represents the professional staff of professional societies and membership organizations. Its Annual Meeting and Exposition attracts 5,000 executives and industry partners, and since 2005, we’ve delivered a fresh, engaging experience for the general session—the signature of the big event.


The general session is ASAE’s opportunity to reach thousands of members at once. We’re charged with building a sense of differentiation, value, and community that will endure long after the event is over. Every moment matters.


Yes& supplies all aspects of the general sessions: agenda management, theme integration, set design, graphics and animation, video, speechwriting, speech coaching, stage management, management of staging/lighting/sound/video support, technical direction, and more.This comprehensive, detail-by-detail support frees ASAE staff to focus their energies on the member experience, educational and networking activities, and sponsor and vendor needs.


The “&”

Every year Yes& creates a “through line” for the general session that unites event marketing, event website, show décor, and stage production. It’s a cohesive experience that wows attendees and delivers a powerful and inspirational message about the value of association management to individuals and society.

the Results

One proof of our success: ASAE is delighted that member associations frequently “borrow” the general session concepts we develop for their own annual meetings.