A solid brand is built to stand tall against the elements


After more than 70 collective years serving the corrosion prevention and coatings industry, NACE International and SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings joined forces.  This merger meant NACE and SSPC would be able to offer more value to their members, with a unified set of standards and certifications, greater access to resources, and an expanded worldwide network.

But while NACE and SSPC worked toward a common mission, they served very distinct audiences. Could the new organization find  a new, single brand identity that resonated with more than 54,000 active members in 130 countries and reflected its value to the industry? That’s where Yes& came in. 


We started by doing a deep dive, getting to know members, competitors, and the strengths of the individual brands of NACE and SSPC. Our goal was an audience-centric brand that connected with the diverse membership and communicated a distinctive value. 


Introducing AMPP: The Association for Materials Protection and Performance. The AMPP brand is is designed to be emblematic of protection, strength, innovation, and energy on a global scale. Our work—which included a brand strategy, visual identity, and launch campaign—met with enthusiastic response from new organization’s transition team, board, and members.  

AMPP now has an established foundation to advance the corrosion prevention and coatings industries through member and workforce education, technological innovation, and global standardization. Best of all, corrosion industry professionals are standing behind their new brand, together. 

The “&”

Two segmented but complementary brand launch campaigns—one for members and the other for  industry—proved how well it worked across multiple channels, creating more awareness and engagement. 

the Results


We also created five audience personas to prioritize organizational direction and deploy in all future communications.