Revealing data.
Deep insights.
Effective strategy.

Research & Analytics

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Empowering Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

At Yes&, research and data drive everything we do from discovery to development through evaluation and optimization. We customize our research approaches to meet each of our client’s unique needs by seeking to answer their biggest questions while successfully impacting their business objectives. We employ a number of qualitative and quantitative tactics, frequently leveraging both secondary and primary research. Our capabilities include, but are not exclusive to: 

  • Focus groups  
  • Individual in-depth interviews  
  • Diary studies and online boards  
  • Customer journey mapping  
  • Ethnographic research  
  • User research & usability testing  
  • Competitive analysis  
  • Surveys  
  • Audience segmentation  
  • Campaign development testing 
  • Brand asset and architecture development testing 
  • Outcome Driven Innovation 
  • Brand & reputation health tracking 

We move beyond data output to develop insights that serve as the cornerstone of strategy and foundation for decisions—that’s how we uncover unexpected opportunities. 

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