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TASBO case study
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They say that in education, where Texas goes, so goes the nation. As the second largest education system in the US, Texas is often considered the model for how states manage their school systems. As the go-to association for Texas school business and operations professionals for over 75 years, TASBO supports its members and helps drive policy that impacts the lives of millions of students nationwide.

While TASBO is valued by its members, its brand story and visual identity didn’t reflect the true impact they have on education. Their tagline, mission, and purpose statement were all the same: “TASBO is THE trusted resource for school finance and operations.” This is true, but there’s more to their story we wanted to tell. TASBO educates those who make education possible. Their story needed to reflect their impact on education in Texas and beyond.


“Trust” isn’t something a brand should say. It’s something a brand should do. We needed to help TASBO unpack and define trust in a credible way that broadened their story. Through research, we found their formula: Trust = Expertise + Access + Empathy + Passion.

TASBO members, whether new or experienced, turn to them with questions. When they face uncertainty, TASBO provides clarity. Their staff is a team of experts who listen, anticipate questions before they are asked, and act fast to gather insights. Their members have answers, too, so TASBO facilitates connections that allow them to innovate together.


“TASBO: Find the Answer Here.” That’s TASBO’s new tagline. It positions TASBO as the first place someone should seek support—already true for current members and a promise to prospects. The new logo shows TASBO as a connector. They bring professionals together from every corner of Texas and every facet of school business, shaping community and creating space for every member. It’s a pathway to answers.

To mitigate any fears around the rebrand—change is scary!—we encouraged a launch video. It’s the best format to bring members along and ease them into the updates while reassuring them of all that’s staying the same. Watch for yourself to see how TASBO is (still) the thread that weaves Texas school business together.

The ‘&’

While we intentionally made this rebrand an evolution rather than a revolution, we knew members would be apprehensive. They’d wonder if more change was coming, and they don’t want their already-perfect association to change!

We recommended video as the best format to announce the brand refresh—it would bring members along and ease them into the updates while reassuring them of all that’s staying the same. Watch the video to see how TASBO is the thread that weaves Texas school business together.

the Results

TASBO unveiled their new brand on their website and social media, with the video as the centerpiece, and the support is overwhelming. We measured their Net Promoter Score at the start of the engagement. Then, since the campaign launch relied solely on owned channels, we looked to member comments to measure sentiment and success.

The support was unequivocal. Comments throughout their channels and forums demonstrated immediate acceptance of the new story and style. Any apprehension initially predicted among members turned out to be all enthusiasm and a sense of, “this is so right.” Here are a few comments that capture the love TASBO members were feeling:

  • “This is fantastic! I appreciate your hard work. TASBO certainly deserves this exceptional branding.”
  • “You all have done a fantastic job with the rebranding. The video is perfect!!”
  • “Great job, with the rebranding of the website! I like the new web layout.”
  • “The right message at the right time for TASBO.”
  • “It does look AMAZING! People from other originations that I talk to speak so highly about TASBO and how it evolves and presents itself so well. It’s a solid organization and that is demonstrated by its core leader, so thank you for that vision!”

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